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  • Plywood

    Timber Panel Products

    Timber Panel Products

    Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from layers of wood veneer that are glued together. Park Road Timber & Hardware stock a range of structural and non-structural ply, marine gradeply and plywood flooring.

  • MDF & Shelving

    Timber Panel Products

    Timber Panel Products

    Medium density fibre board (MDF) is a non-structural interior product with similar application to that of plywood. MDF is a composite board, formed by breaking down hardwood and softwood residuals into wood fibres, and combining wax and resin.

    MDF is more dense than plywood and particle board, it is flat and stable with a silky-smooth wax feel. MDF and is often used as a substrate for bench tops and desks, and is used in the construction of wardrobes and kitchens.

    Standard Sizes: From 3mm to 32mm Thickness

  • Plywood Flooring

    Hurford Wholesale | Gunnersen

    Hurford WholesaleGunnersen

    Plywood flooring is used for both structural and non-structural flooring, due to its strength and stability. Each sheet has a plastic tongue and machined grove along its edges.

    ‘C’ grade plywood veneer is used on the face of the sheet, and ‘D’ grade plywood on the back of the sheet.

    Standard Sizes: From 15mm & 19mm (treatments available H2 LOSP, H3 ACQ, H3 LOSP and H3 CCA)

  • Fibre Cement Sheet

    James Hardie

    James Hardie

    Fibre cement sheet is a flat cement composite product with a smooth finish, which makes a great paint finish easily achieveable. It is frequently used as an eave lining sheet, but occasionly used as an external cladding.

  • Plasterboard



    SHEETROCK® plasterboards are up to 15% lighter than USG Boral Standard Core Plasterboards for light and easy installation, easy score and snap and superior sag resistance. Certified by GECA and may contribute to Green Star Points.

    Standard Sizes: 10mm Thickness (available in various lengths & widths)

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