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VIP Loyalty Card Program

What are the benefits?

  • Discount of 10% on most items. (Very few restrictions)
  • If your purchases for the financial year exceed $2,400.00 an additional 5% of this total will be provided to you in the form of a gift voucher redeemable within our store.
  • Providing your purchases for the financial year exceed $1,200.00 a donation of 3% of this total will be directed as a $ donation to a club or association that you nominated at the time you made the application for your card.
  • Newsletter advising of promotions and specials.
  • Special promotions and sales limited to Loyalty Card Holders only.
  • Clubs have no limit to the amount they can receive.

How do you become a Park Road Timber & Hardware V.I.P Loyalty Card Member?

  • Complete an application form and send it to Park Road Timber & Hardware.
  • These can be obtained by contacting us or can be picked up at our store. Don’t forget to name the Club or Association you want your contribution donated to.
  • Alternatively, fill in the online form below on this page and get back to you.
  • Your card will be activated and sent to you in the mail.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know that my nominated Club or Association has received my contribution?

Your Club or Association will receive a cheque after the end of each financial year.

What if I don’t want a contribution to be sent to a club or association?

If a club or Association has not been nominated we will direct a $ donation to a worthy local organization eg: Sandringham & District Memorial Hospital.

What are the restrictions?

There are very few restrictions. This is not a credit card, it is a discount card. Very few items will not be discounted, items already on sale or already discounted are the only restrictions.

Can I use this card at other HoME stores?

No this is card is exclusive to and can only be used at Park Road Timber & Hardware.

Can I pay for my purchases by EFTPOS, credit card or cheque?

Yes, discounts apply to all cash purchases, which include payments by these methods.

I have an account with you, does this mean I can get additional discount?

No, account customers are already structured to receive discounts and this card is not applicable to purchases charged to your account.

Application form

V.I.P Loyalty Card Program

Fill out this form if you wish to join the V.I.P Loyalty Card Program, please submit to the accounts department for processing and we will inform you once your application is accepted. Download the form by clicking the button or fill in the online form below.



  • VIP Loyalty Card Application Form

    Please fill in your details below
  • Club or Association Contact Information

    (Leave the following blank if you do not wish to donate your 3% to a club or association.)
  • Additional Information

    The following information is not required as part of your application and can be left blank if you wish. However this information will assist is in our continual effort to offer you the best service and products available.